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Dear investor!

16:07 30.06.2020

Currently, the Government of the Moscow region together with the administration of the Volokolamsk city district are taking steps to create the Volokolamsk municipal industrial park on the land plot in the cadastral quarter 50:07:0030308.

An industrial park is a territory specially organized to accommodate new production facilities, provided with energy resources, infrastructure, necessary administrative and legal conditions, and managed by a specialized company.

The land plot for the industrial park is in the north-west of the Moscow region, 97 km from MKAD, 2.5 km. to the M9 Baltic highway and 3.5 km. to the Volokolamsk railway station.

Total plot area is 61 ha; in accordance with the boundary plan, the boundaries of 32 plots with an area of 1.5 - 2 ha are defined, 26 plots are ready for lease or sale to future residents. The category of lands is “Lands of industry, energy, transport, communications, broadcasting, television, computer science, lands for space activities, lands of defense, security and lands of other special purposes”. There are no restrictions on the use and encumbrance of the rights of third parties.

Information about the engineering support of the site:

electricity supply, the first stage of 6 MW (an agreementon the implementation of technological connection to electric networks was concluded with PJSC Moesk in 2018,an increase of 12.3 MW is planned in the future (if necessary, an increase in capacity due to the occupancy of the site by residents)). The deadline for the implementation of connection activities is the end of 2019. gas supply: 3453 cubic meters per hour (an agreementon connecting to the gas distribution network was concluded with JSC Mosoblgaz in 2018). The deadline for the implementation of connection activities is the end of 2019.

Estimated launch date for the site is 2020.

I suggest you consider the possibility of placing production facilities in the Volokolamsk industrial park. In case of a positive decision, the Government of the Moscow region will be ready to provide land for rent without bidding with the right to buy land after the completion of constructionof capital facilities and costs 15% of the cadastral value (estimated cost of 454 thousand RUB per 1 ha) in the prescribed manner.

If the volume of capital investments is more than 500 million RUB over the 5 years, the project may be awarded the status of a regional investment project and you will be able to take advantage of the following tax benefits:

The decrease in the profit tax rate to 10% up to 01.01.2029 year; Zero property tax for 4 years, as well as reducing the rate to 1.1% from fifth to seventh year.

Moreover, when investing more than 750 million RUB in the project, it is possible to conclude a special investment contract with the opportunity to take advantage of the following tax benefits:

Zero income tax until 2025, 10% from 2026 to 2028 and 15.5% from 2029; Zero property tax for 10 years from the date of registration of the object.

You can also take advantage of a preferential loan from the Industry Development Fund of the Moscow region in the amount of 50 to 500 million RUB at a rate of 1 to 5 % per annum for the purchase of equipment, engineering services and other purposes.

More than that, you will have an opportunity to reimburse the costs for the creation of engineering infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, sanitation, roads) in the amount of up to 10% of the cost of the entire project, but not more than 200 million RUB, as well as receive personal support in The Center for Supportof Construction Activity of the Moscow region.

Hope that the provision of these support measures will allow you to make a decision on the localization of production facilities in the Volokolamsk industrial park.

Presentation materials are attached.

In case you are interested I suggest contacting the Deputy Head of Administration Nagornyi Aleksey Roaldovich by phone 8(903) 509-80-75 or email address: a.r.nagornyi@avmrmo.ru


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